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Kalonji (Nigella Seeds)

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Kalonji (Nigella Seeds), is an interesting spice – when used for tempering, it adds a beautiful aroma to the dishes, and a hint of flavor that you can’t quite nail.

In India and Pakistan, dry roasted Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) is used for flavouring curries, dal, stir-fried vegetables, and even savouries such as samosa, papdis and kachori among others.

Flavour and aroma aside, the tiny black seed comes with a whole lot of health benefits. Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) is loaded with trace elements, vitamins, crystalline nigellone, amino acids, saponin, crude fiber, proteins and fatty acids like linolenic and oleic acids, volatile oils, alkaloids, iron, sodium, potassium and calcium.

Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) helps keep your heart healthy, addresses breathing problem, lubricates your joints, and is known to have anti-carcinogenic properties.

 That’s quite a lot for a seed that size, isn’t it? In fact, if you keep a bottle of Kalonji (Nigella Seeds) oil at home, you can use them for plenty of things to boost your health and take care of niggling problems.